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§ In memory of N. P. Rezanov

Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov was the leader of the first Russian voyage round the world, the first plenipotentiary in Japan, representative of the Emperor in the rank of the minister on the affairs of the Russian land in the North America. By his efforts Alaska, Sakhalin, Kuril Isls were retained for the fatherland. Novels and poems are dedicated to Rezanov, and the encyclopaedia “Britanika” ranks him with such reformers of Russia as Peter I and Lomonosov.

the tombstone and the grave

Monument on tomb of Rezanov (original) In 1831 on N. P. Rezanov’s grave in Krasnoyarsk located in the yard of the Resurrection cathedral there was a tombstone erected in the shape of the Corinthian bowl put on the granite pedestal. On the tombstone cast-iron round plate fringed with laurels there was a molded inscription, “In the year 1831 August 16th this tombstone is erected by Russian — American Company in commemoration of the unforgettable services having done by the chamberlain Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov, who on his returning from America to Russia died in the town of Krasnoyarsk on March 1st, 1807 and was buried on the 13th day of the same month”. In the 30-ies of the XX century this tombstone was destroyed when the cathedral was turned into the flying club.

The sheriff of Monterrey Harry Brown On October 28, 2000 in the Trinity churchyard of Krasnoyarsk on N. P. Rezanov’s grave where according to one of the versions his remains were carried to in the late fifties of the 20th century there was an office for the dead and inauguration of the memorial to Rezanov. It is made in the form of the white cross, on one side of it there is an inscription “Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov 1764 — 1807. I will never forget you”, on the other side — “Maria Concepcion de Arguelio 1791 — 1857. I will see you never more”.

The office for the dead was attended by Harry Brown, sheriff of Monterrey Town (California, the USA). The sheriff strewed on Rezanov’s grave the earth from Conchita’s tomb and he took some earth from Rezanov’s grave to scatter it on the tomb of Concepsion de Arguelio. “It will connect them for ever in a symbolic way”.

actions of 2003

At the left — representatives of delegation from Japan, on the right — Trofimov Vladimir, in the center — representatives of Krasnoyarsk state university On March 19, 2003 in Krasnoyarsk a delegation from Japan arrived who had the aim to determine the authenticity of the things that might have belonged to the knight commander N. P. Rezanov and were kept in Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local lore, history and economy. On March 20 the museum held a press — conference and round table talks with Japanese writer and journalist Oosima Mikio who translated a part of the book “The Knight Commander” into Japanese, with Kato Toyoko, a researcher of Japanese fabric and with Kanakura Takako, a lecturer in the Japanese language at the Krasnoyarsk State University. A. P. Surnik, one of the authors of the book “The Knight Commander”, V. M. Yaroshevskaya, director of Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local lore, history and economy, research workers of the museum and Krasnoyarsk journalists took part in the round table discussions. The Japanese delegation also visited the Internet Centre at the Krasnoyarsk State University and had a talk with the representatives of the Internet Centre, workers of the scientific library at the State University and with Vladimir Trofimov (see the photo).

Shootings of the film «The Juno and the Avos» On April 23 — 25 the cultural institutions in Krasnoyarsk had the Days of the knight Commander Rezanov dedicated to bicentunary of the start of the first Russian round the world expedition. In Krasnoyarsk on those days one could attend the exposition “The Knight Commander Rezanov” in the museum “The Steamer “Saint Nickolas”, take part in literature-historical cruise “In the Name of his Fatherland…” There was show a film-performance “Juno and Avos”. The Regional library for youth held a literary party “The Knight Commander”. The Musical Comedy Theatre dedicated its performance “Don’t Trifle with Love!” to Nikolai Rezanov; Krasnoyarsk State University held a students research conference “The History of Russian America”.

Place of a former burial place of N.P.Rezanova in Krasnoyarsk On July 26 Krasnoyarsk celebrated the bicentenary of the first Russian round the world expedition under the leadership of knight commander Rezanov. The culture department of the town administration prepared an interesting programme that had an aim to attract the attention of the public and first of all of the young people to the name of the great patriot of Russia. At noon in the Peace square there was a ceremony of laying flowers to the tombstone, erected on the supposed burial place. And in the evening at the Central stadium there was a concert of popular variety performers held.

monument to Rezanov

One of competitive projects of a monument to Rezanov. The author: K.M.Zinich. Taking into account historic importance of bicentenary of the start of the first round the world cruise- expedition under the guidance of the chamberlain of His Emperor’s Majesty Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov the Administration of Krasnoyarsk announced a competition for the best project of the monument to Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov, chamberlain of His Emperor’s Majesty Alexander I, the leader of the first round the world cruise, the Emperor plenipotentiary in Russian North America. The commission on the monument erection is headed by Vladimir Trofimov.

Besides there is a bank account opened for sponsor and other receipts to immortalize the name of N. P. Rezanov (one may apply to the Department of culture at the Administration of Krasnoyarsk to get a reply all the questions concerned tel. (3912) 27-69-53).

Citizens of Krasnoyarsk hope very much to see a monument to the worthiest son of his Fatherland — Nickolai Petrovich Rezanov in their city. His obvious great serviced to the Fatherland demand that we, living nowadays in Russia, should restore fair and respectful memory about him.

in California

In 1913 “The California Society on Protection of Historical Monuments” took “The Commandant’s House”, where there had been the officers’ assembly of San-Francisco garrison. There was a bronze memorial plaque fixed on the wall of the house. John Davis, a member of the Society delivered a solemn speech on the opening of the plaque.

Here is an extract from Davis’ speech, “I’m glad to see this bronze plaque fixed on this deserved building… From all the buildings of the world, Presidio — an army post — is to take jealous care of it because one of the greatest tragic love stories of the world took place here…”

According to the project of Mikhail Shemyakin, a sculptor in San-Francisco on the Russian hill soon there will be a memorial-monument erected, dedicated to the first Russians in California; in the centre of this memorial there will be N. P. Rezanov depicted.

Translated by Ludmila Tretyakova