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§ Travelling to California. Conchita.

Don Jose, Conchita’s father

Don Jose Dario Arguello was born in about 1759 in the city of Cuaretaro. During six years Don Jose served as a private in Mexican dragoon regiment, then in the company in Altar.

In 1781 he moved to Santa-Barbara where he became a commandant. Twice since 1787 to 1791 and since 1796 to 1806 Don Jose was a commandant of Presidio fortress in San Francisco. Since 1791 to 1796 he served as a commandant of Monterey.

After the death of the governor Jose Joakin Arellago in 1814, Arguello had performed the duties of the governor for one year while being Commandant of Santa-Barbara.

In October of 1815 the Arguellos moved to Loretto. After Don Jose’s resignation in 1822 the family left for Guadalakhara, to their son Gervazio where they had lived up to the death of Don Jose in the winter of 1827-1828.

The American historian Hubert Backroft writes about Don Jose, “He was a well-known and the most respectful person in New California, where he had entirely devoted himself to the service for 34 years. Arellado used to call him simply EL Santo (Saint). The padre regretted very much when he (Arguello) had left, the man whom they considered to be their close friend. The old residents remembered him as a tall and strong man with a swarthy, sunburnt face”.

The spouse of Don Jose, Donna Maria Ignatia Moraga, who had given birth to his 14 children, outlived her husband by one year only and died in the spring of 1829.